Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reading Update!

Hello everyone! Miki here with a book challenge update!

Today was a snow day so I got a chance to read more than I usually do! (I do not count school books.)

Sir and I read “The House I’ll Build for the Wrens” this morning. It was really fun and not hard. (Sir is not a very good reader.) It is like that song about the bear hunt where things keep getting added and repeated and then at the end you have to go through everything backwards really, really fast!

On my own I read “Fancy Nancy,” which Miss Rauch recommended. It is a VERY silly book! I really love the part where they all dress up in silly outfits to go out for parfaits. (That’s fancy for ice cream!) There were a lot of words I had never heard before, like chauffer chauffeur. A chauffeur is someone who drives you places. If it does not snow again tomorrow, Sir will be my chauffeur and take me to school. What a fancy word!

I also started reading “Dinosaurs Before Dark” which is the first book in the Magic Tree House series. (Miss Rauch, our librarian, recommended this one to me as well!) It is a chapter book about Jack and his sister Annie. So far they have found a tree house full of books, but no dinosaurs. Hopefully there will be dinosaurs in the NEXT chapter.

Tonight Sir and I will read another Little Bear story from the “Little Bear Treasury.” We LOVE Little Bear! Do you?

That is everything I read today. If there is no school again tomorrow maybe I will read more books! I have picked a few picture books out already. What are YOU reading? 

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