There are many ways to support the making of "Miki and Sir":

  1. Comment! Feedback is always helpful- it shows that you are reading. Even just saying "OMG CUTE!" or "I love this page/character" does a lot in motivating the next page to come sooner. 
  2. Fan Art. Miss Rauch LOVES fan art! Have you or your children/students drawn any of the characters? Email it to Same goes for coloring in the black and white pages. Scan it in and send it please! :) 
  3. If you want to help keep Miss Rauch in art supplies she has a Dick Blick Wish List for things she uses to make "Miki and Sir" as well as her other art. (There is even an option for doll making clay- she would LOVE to be able to make Miki dolls someday but other things like pens and crayons are much more important.) Be sure to forward your invoice (and mailing address) to the email address above so Miss Rauch can send you a handmade thank you note!
  4. Donate! Miss Rauch has no idea why you would want to do this but will not stop you from doing so. Please include a mailing address in the notes when you donate so Miss Rauch can send you a handmade thank you note. :)