Friday, April 22, 2011

Project Update & Giveaway! :D

Working on a lot of artwork! These are some concept/warm up sketches. :)

Miki has this weird way of looking like a totally different little girl from one drawing to the next... while still being very much herself.

The colored one is actually done with watercolor FIRST and then some pencil and ink lines to make it easier to see. I am considering working with watercolors (for the ballet book at least) if I can improve quickly in how I work with them! Otherwise: crayons. Who doesn't love crayons? (And why?!)

I am also here to announce the first opportunity to help with the creative side of the book making process AND to win something pretty cool!

I am going to need some other dancers for Miki's ballet class! I have a few other characters, but I would love to have a little more variation between who is in her ballet class and who is in her school class. As such, I open the floor to YOU!

Describe, briefly, an eight year old (boy or girl!) to be a dancer. It can be a real person or one you make up. I will choose two to be in the book! If yours gets chosen I will send you one of the two ballet "I Can Read" books that I grew up with: "All Tutus Should Be Pink" or "The Baseball Ballerina." Just send your suggestions to  (Sir's email address) or in the comments below! (Just be sure to leave YOUR email address!)  Runner ups may get something too, we'll see. :)

Thank you for your help!

P.S. Don't forget to check out the Kickstarter!


  1. Is this still open?

  2. Alejandro wants to kick the other kids when they call him Alex, but he doesn’t. One time he tried, but his foot fell down. His shoes must’ve been made of rocks that day. Even his teachers call him Alex now, but at least his family still understands who he really is.

    School is hard. While other kids yell, sing, squawk, and chatter, he speaks softly, stumbles, stutters, and slurs. It’s like he has to climb to the top of a mountain for each word. All the other kids are at the bottom of the mountain where they can’t hear his shouts.

    It took Alejandro a year after moving from Mexico to convince his parents to let him take ballet. They thought it was only for girls. Finally, he promised to play baseball, too. At last they let him dance. It has been six weeks now. No, six months.

    In ballet he can fly. He twirls. He twists. He jumps. He leaps. He soars. He feels the beat flow beneath his wings. It doesn’t matter what language comes out of people mouths here. With ballet everyone can fly to the center, meet there, dance there. Ballet is the way everyone should talk.

    Physical characteristics:
    Soft brown eyes
    Medium skin
    Lots of dark brown hair
    Usually has a small, shy smile
    But has a big, goofy grin when he’s really happy
    Dimple in his chin
    Wears hand-me-down clothes because he has an older brother
    But wears nice, expensive ballet clothes, since his family is now proud of him
    A little short
    But strong

    Edit to your whim.